CEO Words



Recently in my communication with colleagues, I have come to a rough realization: quality is the key to business development. High quality and appropriate timing can attract more customer orders. This is the first conclusion that I have reached.

The second point I want to share with everyone is a story about another meaning of quality. Looking back to 2012, I felt confused all the time and nobody could give me an answer. Even studying and exploring couldn't solve my inner doubts. It wasn't until I spent 30 days in India in October 2012 without contact with anyone else that I came to a realization: everything is destined and nothing can be changed. Because I believed in fate, I gave up on learning and exploring and didn't want to investigate why anymore. But my friend didn't agree with me, and he paid for me to attend the class and learn about "The Power of Seeds". Years later, I found out that this content was part of "The Diamond Sutra".

At the time, I called this knowledge causality, which means what you sow is what you reap. But even knowing this truth, there were still moments of success, joy, frustration, and pain in life. When faced with setbacks and hardships, I instinctively wanted to blame others or shirk responsibility because it was uncomfortable and painful, and I didn't want to admit that these were caused by myself.

For a long time, I maintained this habit of pushing away problems when encountered. It wasn't until the end of 2016 when I was physically and mentally exhausted that I began to think: if these hardships in life are caused by myself, where are my problems? From then on, I started to observe my own problems, think about how to solve them, and try to find the reasons and ways of thinking from the process of problem to answer. It took me four weeks the first time, but gradually shortened to a few minutes.

The definition of quality is not only the quality of products, but also includes enterprise culture, management level, economic benefits, and other aspects. At the same time, quality also involves personal attitudes, values, and ways of thinking. Only by constantly improving the quality of enterprises and individuals can we move towards the road to success.

If we read a book called "Karma Management" today, which says that all of our current situations are caused by our own karma, we may not be too shocked at first. We might feel like we gained some knowledge or have a new insight, and that's it. However, as we continue to reflect on our life experiences, we realize that everything is actually caused by our own thoughts, words, and actions. That kind of shock is unparalleled.

We often think that we are the right people, but one day when we realize that we are wrong, the impact is significant. From that time to now, which has been six or seven years, every time I see deeper into my failures and setbacks that I don't want to admit to, I know that they were caused by myself. I am more convinced of this law of causality. In fact, all of our current situations are caused by our beliefs or our own behavior. The seeds that we planted in the past have finally bloomed, and what we are getting today is the result that we should get ourselves. Since January 2023, I have no doubt about this anymore. I experience the feeling of understanding what it means to have no doubts.

Before, I was a lonely person who didn't like to socialize or even face-to-face transactions. But after I became clear about the law of causality, I had a certainty that no one in this world can hurt me unless I hurt myself. I seem to have become more outgoing, willing to socialize with people, and go for face-to-face transactions. I used to have a habit of not going to the hospital even when I was sick because I was afraid of communicating with doctors. Now I understand that this is my subconscious self-protection mechanism to avoid being hurt when interacting with people.

My child got sick this year, and I took her to the hospital. There were also issues related to my child's school and purchasing services for the company. I had various feelings and experiences throughout this process. We often have experiences like this: when we see someone who cannot complete a task on time or cannot do it well, our chest hurts and we feel angry. It is because we made many promises about quality and delivery time, but we can't keep them. At the same time, we entrusted trust to others, but we were hurt by them.

What was my biggest experience? It was when I took my family to see a doctor and encountered an unprofessional doctor who spoke well but couldn't solve the problem at all. Or when my child went to school, we encountered irresponsible teachers, which made the whole family very angry. However, when we choose to cooperate with others, trust and power are also given to them. When buying services, I have also encountered salespeople or companies that only talk big but cannot deliver.

Because I firmly believe in the law of causality, I initially accepted such results. I realized that it must be caused by my own words and actions, so I had to accept such results. But my family was very angry and furious, feeling that they were being treated unfairly in this society and very painful. Therefore, I need to reflect more deeply on what events led to today's results.

In this process, I found that everyone may only think about making money when they start a business or pursue money, without becoming professional first before providing services or making promises to others. I used to be like this too. When we are ignorant, we may harm others in society, and we may also be harmed by others. This is a fact that we must accept because we have indeed done many things that hurt our customers.

However, in the future, we can make adjustments so that we don't cause more trouble and harm to ourselves and our loved ones while pursuing money and success. This is the point of view I want to share with everyone about quality.

Of course, money is essential in our work because we cannot survive without it. However, money, although important, is not the most important thing. If we plant many quality problems in the process of making money, in the end, we and our loved ones will bear the consequences in various life experiences, which nobody wants to see.

Quality is very important to us. First of all, it can bring us more orders, but more importantly, we are also creating a better sense of happiness for ourselves and our loved ones in the future. When we buy products or services provided by others, we can also get higher-quality services. This is the core reason why we emphasize quality. Pursuing quality is our love for ourselves and our families. It is the direction we should all strive for together.

The ultimate altruism is the ultimate selfishness. We pursue quality not only to love our customers or see those orders, but more importantly, to love ourselves and our loved ones.