-What types of drilling products do you offer?

-We usually offer BHA tools like
Stabilizers, AISI 4145H, 4145H MOD, NM material
Hole opener
AISI 4145H Body
AISI 4330 Body
Bit Forging, etc.

-What materials are used in your drilling products, and how durable are they?

-We offer variety of materials, mostly AISI 4145H, 4145H MOD, 4130, 4330, Non-magnetic bars.

-What kind of warranty or guarantee do you provide for your products?

-We provide products all comply with API standards.

-Can you provide customized drilling products to meet my specific needs?

-Our experienced teams can work with you to design as per your specific requirements.

-How quickly can you deliver my order?

-For specific products, we have materials in stock which can meet your urgently demand.

-What is the minimum order quantity for your products?

-It depends on the products itself.

-What kind of support do you offer after the sale?

- We are committed to providing our customers with exceptional service and support throughout the entire lifecycle of our products.