Sleeve Stabilizer

  • Customized Sleeve Stabilizer

    Customized Sleeve Stabilizer

    Customized sleeve stabilizer introduction

    • Sleeve Stabilizer is an important tool for the oil drilling industry. Stabilizer is connected with the bottom of a drill bit. And stabilize the drill string and maintain the desired direction of drilling operation.

    • Sleeve Stabilizer dimension and shape are depending on the specific needs of the customer. they are typically made from high-strength steel material such as 4145hmod, 4330V and Non-Mag and etc.

    • Sleeve Stabilizer blade could be straight or spiral, which is depend on the type of the formation of the oil field. Straight blade stabilizers are used for vertical drilling, while spiral blade stabilizer is used for directional drilling. Both of the two types stabilizers are available from WELONG.

    • In a word, Sleeve stabilizers play a very important role in oil drilling by making sure smooth and efficient drilling, reduce the risk of the oil well deviation and other potential issues that can cause delays and increase costs.