Forged pipe mold

Forged pipe molds, also known as forging molds or forging dies, are key tools used to manufacture metal pipes. It plays a crucial role in the metal forging process, being able to heat, shape, and cool the metal raw materials to form the desired pipe shape.

Firstly, let’s understand the basic principles of forging. Forging is a process of plastic deformation of metal through stress and pressure, which involves heating the metal to a plastic temperature and applying pressure to form the desired shape. And the pipe mold is a tool used to control the flow and shape of metal, which can be seen as the “mold” in the forging process.

Forged pipe mold


Pipe molds are usually made of metal materials, usually steel or iron. These materials have high strength and wear resistance, and can withstand high temperature and high pressure conditions. The process of manufacturing pipes usually includes the following steps:


  1. Design and Manufacturing: Firstly, based on the required pipe specifications and dimensions, the designer will draw corresponding pipe mold drawings. Then, the manufacturing personnel use mechanical processing techniques such as milling, turning, drilling, etc. to manufacture pipe molds with the desired shape.


  1. Heating: During the forging process, the metal raw material is first heated to the plasticity temperature. This can make the metal soft and easy to form the desired pipe shape. The pipe mold plays a very important role in this stage, heating the metal evenly and controlling the heating temperature to ensure that the metal can achieve appropriate plasticity.



3. Forging: Once the metal raw material is heated to an appropriate temperature, it will be placed in the pipe mold. Then, by applying pressure and stress, the metal undergoes plastic deformation according to the shape of the pipe mold. This process requires precise control and adjustment to ensure smooth metal flow and form the desired pipe shape.


4. Cooling and treatment: After the metal forms the desired tube shape, it will be cooled to solidify its structure. This can be achieved by cooling the metal at room temperature or using other cooling media. In addition, according to the specific purpose of the pipe, further heat treatment, surface treatment, or other processing techniques can be carried out on the metal.

In summary, forged pipe molds are important tools for manufacturing metal pipes. It plays a crucial role in controlling metal flow and shape, ensuring that the manufactured pipes have the desired size, shape, and structure. By carefully designing, manufacturing, and using pipe molds, we are able to produce high-quality and compliant metal pipes to meet the needs of various industrial fields.

Post time: Feb-02-2024